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By | January 19, 2013

Australia is very lucky to have a lot of talented nail artists, and we’re very lucky to have them as part of Lacquerheads of Oz! In no particular order, these are some of the ladies whose nail knowledge we have to look forward to:

Cathy More Nail Polish
You can’t look up Aussie brands ulta3, Ozotic or piCture pOlish without stumbling across Cathy’s definitive swatch collections! She’s always willing to share her nail art tips and polish recipes with super helpful, detailed tutorials. The breathtaking piCture pOlish shade Kryptonite was developed from her idea>

Brie @strawbrie
If you follow nail art on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen Brie’s nails! You’ve probably also seen her amazing mane of bright pink My Little Pony hair. She does perfect nail art and artificial nails at Strawbrie Salon.

Alanna Pretty Purple Polish
Alanna is a nail blogger and indie polish maker from Sydney, who launched her glitteriffic line Alanna Renee at the beginning of the year. Her macro glitter shots are known to cause drool-flooded keyboards. She’s great at computery stuff, and is part of the Lacquerheads of Oz admin team. 20 points if you can guess her favourite colour!

Naomi NananaisNails, @nadeekay
Naomi is a Melburnian nail addict who loves making step-by-step nail art tutorials. When she’s not painting her nails, she’s probably doing something Harry Potter related (but it’s more likely she’s painting her nails).

Michelle Lab Muffin, Polish or Perish, @labmuffin
Michelle is a Sydney beauty geek who loves everything sciencey! When she’s not trying to finish her PhD, she’s painting her nails using those hardcore chemical handling skills. She loves unusual polish finishes and is part of the Lacquerheads of Oz admin team.

Elissa Lissa’s Polish Addiction, @lissaspolishaddiction
Elissa is a South Australian whose perfect nail art has been appreciated by her IG followers worldwide. She started the all-Aussie weekly nail art challenge Aussie Nails Monday.

Julia Messy Mansion
Julia is an expert on nail stamping – she’s so advanced, in fact, that she designs and sells her own plates, which may or may not include a Gangnam Style plate.

Chantelle A Polished Prance
Chantelle loves horses and nail polish. She worked as a nail technician for many years – her handiwork has even appeared on the cover of FHM Magazine!

Sarah ClaireShatter Me Claire, @shattermeclaire
Sarah Claire (SC) is a South Aussie mum of two, and holos and flakies are her weakness. She’s a dab hand at conjuring up frankens (mixed polishes)! She is part of the Lacquerheads of Oz admin team.

Rosemarie Every Little Polish, @everylittlepolish
Rosemarie likes video games, possibly because she gets to look at her polished fingers while playing them. She likes blue and shimmery polishes. And cats. Can’t forget the cats! With a degree in digital design, she’s the member of the Lacquerheads of Oz admin team who’s in charge of all the fancy-looking stuff, like the pretty logo.

Cassie The Reluctant Femme, @anwynincognito
Cassie is a self-confessed nerd from Sydney whose blog is called “The Reluctant Femme”, but we can safely say there’s nothing reluctant about her love of polish!

Teneil Shades of Phoenix, @teebee_x
Teneil is another of our Aussie indie polish makers who recently launched her line Shades of Phoenix, which is full of (you guessed it) glitter! She lives in Ballarat, loves her cats, and is training to be a nail tech.

Anthea Nailed Obsession, @anthea_nailedobsession
Anthea’s nail polish hobby started in 2011, and quickly turned into an obsession. She loves Japanese fashion and culture, and has a degree in fashion. She’ll be launching her own indie polish line, Sayuri, in March.

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