Instagram Tips & Tricks with @strawbrie Episode 2: Getting Featured

By | February 14, 2013

Welcome to another installment of Instagram Tips and Tricks with @strawbrie!

Another question I get asked a lot is:

What are feature accounts & how do they work? 

Feature accounts are accounts that post other people’s photos and give credit to the original artist by @mentioning them in the comments. (@Mentioning is when someone “tags” you in their comments and you receive a notification). This can be exciting if a large account with many followers chooses to feature you, as you can gain new followers and likes on your own account from the exposure! Some feature accounts have hash tags that you can post on your pictures to be considered for features. Your use of their hash tag implies permission for your pic to be used and credited in most cases! Hash tags will only work if your account is public.

Some accounts that do this are:

@nailartoohlala #nailartoohlala
@nailartwow #nailartwow
@nails2inspire #nails2inspire
@barbiefingers #barbiefingers
@thefashionqueen #queennails
@thecraftyninja #craftyfingers
@bedizzle #benailed
@thenailartstory #thenailartstory

So… How do I get featured? 

This, my friends, is entirely random, but I can give you some tips to try and help you out!

– Make sure your tags are spelt correctly!

– Make sure your pictures are bright and clear by taking photos in good lighting, and practice your “mani pose”! (I hold onto a bottle of polish that I used in the mani). I personally just use my iPhone camera to take and crop my pictures, all you need is your phone and a steady hand.

– Interact with feature accounts by following, liking and commenting. You’re more than just nails! You have a personality, so let it shine through!

– Give nail art a go! People LOVE seeing it and if you’re feeling REALLY clever, try a “pic-torial”! (Stepby-step pics of how to create the look).

– Try entering nail art comps hosted by IG accounts, it’s a good way of getting your pics seen and you might even win a prize!

– Have you cleaned your cuticle area? You might get excited and want to share your artwork with the world, but it CAN make a difference to getting a feature if you haven’t taken this important step.

– Consider editing photos using an app like Snapseed to help show the true colour and sparkle of your pic. You want it to stand out! 

– Try adding a border! I use the Picframe app to add borders and my watermark.

Wait!… What’s a watermark?

A watermark is text (usually your IG or blog name) added to your pic to protect your copyright. Unfortunately some accounts do NOT give pic credit to the artists & the watermark is protection against this. If an account steals your pic, you can email IG directly (via the cog icon in the top right corner of your home page) and they will help you. It’s against the Instagram Terms of Service to use another person’s picture without written consent.

I hope this is helpful and I’ll be sure to answer some questions and give more tips and tricks soon.

Happy IG’ing!


Brie is a little bit crazy… in the good way! You know the type – bright pink hair, always doing something creative, singing Disney songs in public! When she’s not entertaining kids at her day job, Brie is constantly furthering her education in all things beauty related. She is a qualified nail tech and runs her specialist nail art studio “Strawbrie Salon” in her spare time!

To see examples of her work you can follow her on Facebook, or on Instagram (@strawbrie).

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