Nail Art Tutorial: How to do cupcake nails in 6 easy steps

By | February 14, 2013

Editor’s note: It’s Anthea’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Anthea! 🙂

Pastel colours are in fashion right now, and what cuter way to wear them than as cupcakes on your nails? This step-by-step tutorial makes cupcake nails simple, even for beginners. If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed, try doing a cupcake on one nail only to begin with as a sweet feature nail.

Step 1. Apply your protective base coat and then apply a nude polish.

Step 2. Apply a light shade of your chosen colours to the tips of your nails. These will be the cupcake cases.

Step 3. Using a thin brush or nail art striper, use a darker shade of each colour used in the previous step to paint vertical lines on top of your lighter colours.

Step 4. Using the polish that you want to use for the icing of your cupcakes, paint a dome above the cupcake cases, and cover parts of the cases slightly so it looks like the icing is dripping. I just used the brush that comes in the polish, but you might prefer to use a large dotting tool.

Step 5. Use a glitter polish on top of the icing to form sprinkles. Don’t worry if it’s slightly bumpy, your top coat should even it out. Let it dry a bit before adding top coat – otherwise your hard work will smudge!

Step 6. Apply your clear top coat and quickly add some flat back pearls or rhinestones while the top coat is still wet. I used a dotting tool dipped in clear polish to pick up and place my rhinestones. Do a second coat of top coat to seal the rhinestones in place.

Polishes used:
Nude: OPI – Barre My Soul
Greens: Revlon – Minted and China Glaze – For Audrey
Pinks: OPI I Think In Pink and OPI – If You Moust You Moust
Yellows: China Glaze – Lemon Fizz and OPI – Need Sunglasses?
Blues: Essie – Bikini So Teeny and China Glaze – Secret Peri-wink-le
Purples: China Glaze – Sweet Hook and OPI – Do You Lilac It?
White: Essie – Blanc
Glitter: Gloss ‘n Sparkle – Unicorn Spawn

Anthea is currently studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Japanese, and has a qualification in Fashion Design and Technology. When she’s not busy cramming for her next exam she’s working on her nail polish label ‘Sayuri’, set to launch in March 2013, and blogging at Nailed Obsession. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (@anthea_nailedobsession).

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