Monday, 4 February 2013

What is an indie?

An “indie” nail polish is the term commonly used to refer to a category of polish brands that are independently owned and operated. These polishes are often created and produced by one individual, or in some cases a very small team.

Some people consider only handmade polishes to be indie, but others allow manufactured polishes to fall under the “indie” umbrella too.

What’s the difference between an indie and a franken polish?

Franken polishes are created by mixing pre-existing polishes together. Essentially, you piggyback off already existing colours to create something new. For example - mixing an OPI polish with an Essie to create an entirely new colour.

Unlike franken polishes, an indie polish is created entirely from scratch. The creative process differs from brand to brand, but these polishes are all made with a variation of some (or all) of these basic materials:

- suspension lacquer base
- tints
- glitters (sometimes solvent resistant, sometimes not)
- pigments & micas (including Spectraflair, the holographic pigment)
- flakies

- and most importantly, imagination and a creative flair that goes beyond what is often seen in the market from larger companies.

Some Aussie indie brands can be found on this page.

As a polish and craft addict Rachael is often surrounded (read: buried) by several stacks of various materials. When she's not creating she can often be found stalking blogs, reading, or being distracted by sparkly things. She spends her spare time promoting equal rights for zombies. Decaying people need love too. 

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  1. Thank you for this i have just started to purchase indies and haven't tried franken polishes yet. but the clarification is great!!

  2. I thought Frankens are all homemade polishes, I called mine indies all the time, but I actually made them from scratch, lol. Thank you for clarifying them ;)


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