Aussie Nails Monday Round-up: Galaxy Nails

By | March 20, 2013

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This week for Aussie Nails Monday, the theme was Galaxy Nails! Here’s just some of the out of this world designs that were created this week.

Erin from Erinzi’s Nails galaxy nails are seriously eye-catching and so realistic!

Erinzi photo Erinzi_zps358a3ec8.jpg
Bec from LacquerDreams did a different spin on the galaxy nails, using pastels!

LacquerDreams photo LacquerDreams_zps887c0a8d.jpg
These beautiful galaxies were done by Rosemarie of Every Little Polish.

EveryLittlePolish photo EveryLittlePolish_zps5421b4bf.jpg
And in the world of Instagram, another fellow Lacquerhead, Brie (@strawbrie on Instagram), coincidentally did some unique purple galaxy nails a couple of weeks ago!

What do you think of galaxy nail art? If you’ve done galaxy nails, feel free to share them with us!

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