DIY Moisturising Glycerin/Acetone Nail Polish Remover Recipe

By | March 17, 2013

As you might’ve noticed, many of us Lacquerheads use a DIY glycerin/acetone remover. Why?

– It’s cheap – acetone from the hardware store is much cheaper than a little bottle from the chemist
– It’s effective – about as effective as straight acetone!
– It’s gentle – it actually stops your cuticles from drying out, like they would with plain acetone

The recipe is based off the ingredients in popular products such as Zoya Remove+.


– Acetone – available in bulk from hardware stores (e.g. Bunnings)
– Glycerin – available from chemists – it’s usually found in the laxative section
– Water
– Measuring equipment – make sure it’s acetone-safe! I used a glass measuring cylinder from the lab, and a 10 mL plastic syringe which is resistant to acetone for short periods
– Bottle – an empty supermarket remover bottle
I use 10 parts acetone to 1 part glycerin to 1.2 parts water (if you can’t be bothered being so accurate, use 1 part and a splash!). You might prefer a slightly different mixture. If it separates into two layers (like oil and water), add more water and give it a good shake.


No more dry white skin!

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