Instagram Tips & Tricks with @strawbrie Episode 3: Tagging and Chain Games

By | March 10, 2013

Brie here again! A few of you have questions about “tagging” and “chain games”, so I’m going to explain how these work & how to use them appropriately. So let’s get this party started!

What is “tagging”?

When you “tag” someone you “@mention them”. Let’s say I want to thank someone for the inspiration for my latest mani. In the comments section on my picture I’d say something like,

“A big thanks to @thiscoolperson for my design idea”.

@thiscoolperson would receive a notification in their feed that I had mentioned them! Pretty nifty!

Why do people use tags/@mentions?

To notify a user that you are conversing with them, e.g. @mentions are used when a feature account gives picture credit to an artist.

Some “chain games” use tags/@mentions to share the fun! Chain games are viral games/pics on IG such as #thefacebehindthenails

(Someone started this game with an accompanying hash tag by posting a pic and describing the game and then asked their friends to join in by using tags/@mentions. You can even start your own! Give it a go, it’s fun!)

When should I use tags/@mentions?

If you’re conversing with someone on YOUR feed, you need to tag/@mention your friend so they receive notifications that you’re responding to them. Your friend has to do the same for you if you’re chatting on THEIR feed. If you comment on someone’s pic you don’t have to tag/@mention them, they’ll already receive your notification.

When shouldn’t I use tags/@mentions?

Randomly tagging/@mentioning other users, just so they’ll visit your feed is called “spamming” and is frowned upon.

How do I tag/@mention?

When you’re in the comments section of your own picture, you can either type in the user name of who you want to chat with manually, or you can simply “right swipe” your finger across the comment of someone who has already commented on your pic, hit the “backwards arrow” and their username will appear in the comment line ready for the rest of your response!

Remember for the tag/@mention to work it MUST be spelt correctly!

If you tag/@mention someone to give pic credit and your account is private and the person you’re mentioning isn’t following you, they can only see the comment in their notifications. They can’t see your profile or like your pics.

Keep in mind that PER COMMENT you can only tag/@mention FIVE users! Instagram implemented this to stop mass spamming! (Thank goodness!)

Stay tuned for more Instagram tips & tricks!

Brie is a little bit crazy… in the good way! You know the type – bright pink hair, always doing something creative, singing Disney songs in public! When she’s not entertaining kids at her day job, Brie is constantly furthering her education in all things beauty related. She is a qualified nail tech and runs her specialist nail art studio “Strawbrie Salon” in her spare time!

To see examples of her work you can follow her on Facebook, or on Instagram (@strawbrie).

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