Nail art tutorial: Drag Marble

By | March 19, 2013

Hi! Brie here, (aka @strawbrie on Instagram).

I’ve got a simple pictorial to share with you today which uses the “Drag Marbling” technique.

What is drag marbling?

Drag marbling is a method of dragging a pattern through polish while it’s still wet on your nails. There are many designs you can try, but today I’ll be explaining how to do a “Tie-Dye” version.

How is drag marbling different to water marbling?

Water marbling is when you apply drops of polish onto the surface of a cup of water. You also “drag in” a pattern using this technique, but it can be very time consuming, temperamental & uses a LOT of polish. So drag marbling is definitely a good start for those wanting simple, yet effective nail art.

So, let’s get this Tie Dye Drag Marble pictorial started!

First things first! You MUST work ONE NAIL AT A TIME! The polish must be wet for this to work! Using quick dry polishes may not work as well, (if at all) but if you use it, try to be lightning fast!!

What you’ll need:

– Sellotape (optional)
– Base coat
– White Polish
– Four complimentary colours
– A sewing needle or toothpick
– Top coat 

Step 1. Apply sellotape around your nails (this eliminates some cleanup) & apply your favourite base coat.

Step 2. Apply a white base coat quite thickly, don’t worry if its patchy, you’re going to paint over this & won’t see it.

Step 3. Apply a small blob of pink to the nail (as seen in the picture).

Step 4. Sweep a yellow blob of polish around the pink.

Step 5. Now apply a green polish around the yellow. Remember, the quicker you work, the better this will turn out!

Step 6. The last colour is blue. This colour doesn’t need to be as thick or blobby.

Step 7. Using a sewing needle or toothpick put the point into the centre of the pink blob & drag outwards quickly & steadily to the opposite side of the nail.

Step 8. You want to repeat this same step fanning the lines out so your nail resembles the segments of an orange. You may need to wipe your needle/toothpick clean after each line to ensure the crispness of your next line.

Step 9. Carry on doing each nail like this. As you can see by my picture, I did the pointer & middle nails with the lines fanning out wider to the left & did the opposite on the right to get that real tie dye effect! All you need to do now is clean up your cuticles while you wait for the design to dry, topcoat & you’re done!

Good luck & happy polishing!
Brie is a little bit crazy… in the good way! You know the type – bright pink hair, always doing something creative, singing Disney songs in public! When she’s not entertaining kids at her day job, Brie is constantly furthering her education in all things beauty related. She is a qualified nail tech and runs her specialist nail art studio “Strawbrie Salon” in her spare time!

To see examples of her work you can follow her on Facebook, or on Instagram (@strawbrie).

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