The Ultimate Nail Polish Trivia Quiz

By | March 9, 2013

One of the great things about being obsessed with nail polish is that your friends see you as a walking encyclopedia on anything polish-related. You’re able to tell what colour polish someone is wearing before they even tell you, and you can name the five most recent OPI collections.

Why not put all that seemingly useless wealth of knowledge to the test in our ultimate nail polish trivia quiz?

Answers are in white underneath the questions – just highlight the words to see them! Don’t cheat!

1. What is the proper name of the polish commonly called “Unicorn Pee”?A: Clarins 230

2. Name three shades from the OPI Australia collection.
A: Fit for a Queensland, Canberra’t Without You, Fair Dinkum Pinkum, Red Hot Ayers Rock, Koala Bear-y, Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It!, A True Ab-Original, Kangarooby, Brisbane Bronze, Digderidoo Your Nails?, Suzi Loves Sydney, Don’t Melbourne the Toast

3. What colour is Sinful Colors Pink Diamond?
A: Blue/Purple duochrome micro shimmer.

4. What year was the China Glaze OMG collection released?
A: 2008. It was discontinued and is now HTF. If you see those silver caps while dusty hunting, snap them up quickly!

5. What is the difference between Essie Ruby Slippers and China Glaze Ruby Pumps?
A: Both are red glitters in a red jelly base, but Essie Ruby Slippers has hex glitter and China Glaze Ruby Pumps has microglitter, in different densities.

6. How many nail polishes can a Helmer hold?
A: Around 500

7. What was the first indie brand?
A: Probably Lynnderella, but Hard Candy started out by hand mixing their polishes in 1993 until they took off and went lab manufactured.

8. What year and by which brand was Magnetic polish first seen?
A: 2007, Lancome with Bleu Enigma and Bordeaux Esmee. The L’oreal Star Magnets were released around the same time (L’oreal and Lancome are the same company).

9. What are these polishes named after?
– Pretty Serious BSOD
A: The dreaded Blue Screen of Death, which appears when your PC has a sudden error and destroys all of your unsaved work. There have been numerous reports of BSOD’s appearing while girls have been wearing this polish, so Pretty Serious has a disclaimer on their website that they are not responsible!
– OPI What’s with the Cattitude?
A: Puss in Boots from Shrek, released as part of the 2010 Shrek Forever After Collection along with Funky Dunkey, Rumple’s Wiggin’, Ogre-The-Top Blue, Who the Shrek Are You? and Fiercely Fiona.
– NerdLacquer Pinin’ For The Fjords
A: Monty Python’s Dead Parrot sketch. We’d provide a link here but it won’t stay hidden with the rest of the answer. Search for it on youtube!
– Butter London Slapper
A: Slang term for “an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or is sexually promiscuous.”

10. Which brand has 22ml bottles?
A: ORLY Pre-2005 (They are now are 18ml)

11. Name 3 polish brands beginning with C.
A: China Glaze, Color Club, Candeo Colors, Chi Chi, Colour by TBN, Covergirl, Crowtoes, Cult Nails, Cirque, Contrary Polish, Chirality Nail Polish, Chanel… Plus any others that start with C, obviously.

12. Name 3 polishes beginning with F.
A: We can’t possibly list them all here, so we’ll trust you on this one!

13. Name 5 blue polishes.
A: Same as above. Any finish counts!

14. Which brand has a polish named XX?
A: Cirque

15. Name 5 polish finishes.
A: Creme, shimmer, foil/chrome, glitter, microglitter, jelly, matte, crelly, shatter, spotted, textured (liquid sand etc).

16. Which grows faster, fingernails or toenails?
A: Fingernails

17. Which grows faster, men’s or women’s nails?
A: Men’s. Isn’t that unfair?!

18. Which grows faster, thumb nail or middle finger nail?
A: Middle

19. What is the crescent moon at the base of your nail called?
A: Lunula

20. What is the world record for the longest nails (combined length)?
A: 9.85m. Surprisingly, they belong to a man. Think of how much nail polish it would take to paint these!

21. What is the world record for the most people painting their nails simultaneously?
A: 1156, in an event organised by the Taiwan Nail Association. Who’s up for trying to break this record?

Your score:

0-5: You’re a nuggle! You have a love of painting your nails and are fascinated by the intricacies of the world of nail polish, so you’re still learning all the ins and outs. Don’t worry though, soon you’ll be able to rattle off these facts in the blink of an eye.

5-15: You’re obsessed with nail polish! As if you needed to do a quiz to tell you that. All your friends make a note of looking at your nails whenever you see them, and you know off the top of your head the cheapest places to buy any brand. You’re an asset to our community!

15-24: You are officially a nail polish expert! Or maybe you’re just a bit too obsessed with polish… Inhaling all those fumes must have had some sort of effect on your brain to make you remember all of these facts. Other symptoms include grabbing your helmer (instead of your child) when your house is on fire, listing polishes in your collection that are dupes of car colours you see as you’re driving, and refusing to go outside with naked nails. We bow down to your supreme knowledge, O wise one.

How did you score? Did you learn anything new? We sure did!

This post was brought to you by the collective knowledge of the Lacquerheads of Oz team and Kaz from Pretty Serious and Pretty Random, our resident nail polish historian.

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