Group Buy Precautions

By | April 1, 2013

Group Buys are an awesome way of getting your hands on polish with friends. Sometimes it’s to share shipping costs, other times it’s to acquire polishes that don’t generally ship to your country.
On entering into a group buy, here are some handy hints to help you stay safe and enjoy participating.
Find out a bit about the organiser

Are they trustworthy? Will they complete the group buy in a timely manner?

Remember that it’s not eBay

The organiser is buying on your behalf. They aren’t a shop. If goods go missing or are confiscated by customs then that is a risk you are taking by participating. If you goods are coming from a online store, you should be able to get a refund but if goods are coming from a friend in the country, there is little you can do. Some organisers will refund money out of the kindness of their own heart, others simply can’t afford to.

Exchange Rates

Do your homework on what the current exchange rates are before agreeing to participate. Online sources such as will give you a rough guide but be warned that the Paypal exchange rate will be slightly different.

Paying upfront

The organiser may wish you to pay before ordering. This is a standard practice and they are just reducing the “out of pocket” costs that may occur if they buy for people who do not pay.

Paypal Gift Option

The organiser may ask you to send money as a Paypal gift to save on fees. If you are unsure still at this point, send your payment as a regular Paypal transaction but with a little bit extra to cover the fees at their end. This way you can claim via Paypal if something happens.

Shipping Costs

As well as paying for the bottles upfront you will be asked to pay a small shipping fee. This will be your portion of the large shipping cost for the entire order. Some group buys work this out per bottle, others per person.


So, how long will it be for you to play with your new pretty polishes? Well that will vary on a lot of factors. Firstly, it will depend on when the cut off date is for the group buy, and then on if everyone has paid their money. Then the organiser will need to order and pay for the goods, then they need to be shipped. Keep in mind some parcels will take their time arriving depending on the mode of shipping and the country they were posted from. Generally the organiser will let you know when they’ve arrived at their location and again when they’ve examined and repackaged the goods.

Ask Questions
If you want to know what the latest on your group buy situation is, ask the organiser! Simple. They are the ones in the know and should easily be able to answer what you are querying.
Sarah Claire is a South Aussie mum of two, and holos and flakies are her weakness. She’s a dab hand at conjuring up frankens (mixed polishes) and is a polish collecting, hunting, swapping and blogging veteran. She keeps things running smoothly in the background at Lacquerheads of Oz. You can find her blogging away at Shatter Me Claire and snapping pictures at @shattermeclaire.

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