Introducing Bogan-ville Lacquer – for the Aussie in all of us!

By | April 20, 2013

The Lacquerheads of Oz team is thrilled to announce the launch of our very own indie polish line! Introducing Bogan-ville Lacquer – for the Aussie in all of us! Our vegan, 3 free nail lacquers are designed by each member of our admin team, and are based around a uniquely Australian theme.

Dry as a Dead Dingo’s Donger (Designed by Sarah from Shatter Me Claire)

Those long, hot, dry summers. Those endless days spent with the sand between your toes (and everywhere else it shouldn’t be) that you end up dragging home, through the house so you can still find grains weeks later down the back of the couch to remind you yet again.

So straight from the beaches of Australia to you! It’s Dry as a Dead Dingo’s Donger. Taking its place alongside the latest sand trend comes this –  a “non liquid” sand polish. Dry in name, dry in application! Its beautiful grainy sandy colour is guaranteed to keep those memories of the beach engraved in your mind.

Bush Oyster (Designed by Alanna from Pretty Purple Polish)

Bush Oyster is a dark olive green creme with silver holographic glitter. A Bush Oyster is Aussie slang for nasal mucus. This bush oyster is best viewed in the sun.

Cane Toad Carnage (Designed by Michelle from Lab Muffin)

Everyone knows that Australian wildlife is out to kill you. Snakes, spiders, drop bears… But there’s a wildlife Dexter in Australia, and he’s called the cane toad. Although the cane toad is much less of a delicate killer. In fact, it just kills everything, ever, including Mr Tibbles, your kitten. Wildlife protection agencies encourage Australians to dispose of these pests, and we do our best – cars, cricket bats, golf clubs, even nets to scoop out their young and abort them. This polish is dedicated to mankind’s eternal struggle against the golden brown scourge – complete with intentionally bleeding blood glitter.

Please Explain (Designed by Rosemarie from Every Little Polish)

Please Explain is a vibrant ranga red with glowing orange flecks, like the dying embers of our national identity. There’s also some “White Australia” glitter thrown in for good measure.

Bondi Burn (Designed by Cassandra from The Reluctant Femme)

You know what they say – it’s not an Aussie summer until you’ve been burned so badly you can peel your nose off in one neat piece. Now you can relive the excitement of frying your skin to a crisp all year round – on your nails! This uniquely textured polish has been carefully formulated to mimic the colour and consistency of severely sunburned skin, as seen so often on the sands of Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. Our secret formula means you can even pull this polish off in satisfying, stretchy pieces, just like a real sunburn!

Show off your Aussie pride with these nail polishes you won’t find anywhere else! And if you’re not from our beautiful sunburnt country, why not introduce some “bogan” into your life?

Stay tuned for more information on pricing and where to buy our very first collection. So what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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