Tutorial: How to Apply Gelicious Gel Polish

By | April 11, 2013

This is a tutorial on how to apply Gelicious, a home gel polish product available in Australia. Most gel products are used in a similar manner – however, the exact details (curing times etc.) may differ. Refer to the instructions that came with your kit for the best results.

Gelicious is a great new product I was introduced to by my Facebook friend Rebecca. She knew I was having issues with getting my nails strong and to not peel and split, so recommended that I give Gelicious a go. And I have not looked back…

Gelicious is a hybrid gel system which you can do at home. What I like about it the most is I can do my nails and they are perfectly dry in a few minutes. When you have small kids you totally need a product that can be done fast.

Applying Gelicious

So here is how it works. (My daughter has been the hand model for bits of this)

Step 1. You first have to clean your nails with acetone. You need to do this to get any old polish or oils off your nails. This will give you a clean base for the gel to adhere to.

Step 2. Pick a colour of Gelicious of your choice. You have the option of many different colours they sell on their website, or if you want to go for a clear look you can use the optional base coat with the clear gel top coat.

One of the most important things to do is to make sure that you do thin even coats. My first go I got a bit carried away and used WAY too much gel on the brush and it flooded my cuticles. It was a nightmare to get off once I had cured it.

Try to leave a little “edge” around your nail with no gel, so when you do your top coat you can go over the coloured gel and seal it in.

Step 4. Once you have your thin first coat on, you will need to cure it for 1 minute under your UV lamp. Make sure you time this well – if you under-cure it, it will not set and if you over-cure it, the gel will be really hard to get off when it is time to change your colour. Do not worry about any streaks on the gel. It will level itself out in the next coat.

Step 5. Once you have cured your first layer, apply a second coat. This time, even out any streaks. Remember to use thin layers.

Step 6. Cure for 1 minute again.

Step 7. If you are happy with the look of your nails, then it is time for the top coat. If you are not happy repeat the previous steps till you get the result you are after.

Make sure that when putting on the top coat, you go over the edges of your coloured gel (or base coat). This will seal the gel in so it will not peel.

When you are curing the top coat, this needs to be done for 2 mins.

Step 8. Once cured, wipe your nails with a cotton ball with acetone (nail polish remover) on it. This will take the sticky “coating” off the gel. Wash your hands straight away.

Your nails are done!!!

Here is 1 coat of optional base gel and top coat.

Here is 2 coats of Gelicious Sleep Til Noon and then the top coat.

Removing Gelicious

Taking off the gel polish is a little different from taking off normal polish, though not dissimilar to removing glitter polish. You have a choice of either soaking your nails in acetone for 10 minutes, or using the foil method which involves putting acetone-soaked cotton balls on each finger covered with foil for 10 minutes. After you have done either of these methods your gel polish will go a little gloopy, and you can scratch it off with an orange stick or even a paddlepop stick.

Pros and Cons

I love the fact you can do your nails in a really short space of time, and once they are finished you will not have to worry about knocking “wet” nails.

I also love that I can do my nails and I will not get any chips for days and days. I went for 6 days with no chips at one point…and I have kids!!!

For weak brittle nails, Gelicious can help keep your nails strong and protect them from damage.

I also love how versatile the gel polish is. You can do combos of gels like gradients – pictured below is Gelicious Yacht Race with After Glow as the gradient.

You can also do a combo of gel and normal polish by doing a base coat of colour or clear gel, then use a gel top coat as you would do your normal gel nails, then paint your nails with normal polish on top of the cured gel top coat. You will then have 2 options: use a normal top coat, or wait a few hours for your normal polish to dry then add another top coat of Gelicious to seal your normal polish in.

I did this with the pic below. I used Gelicious French White as my base, then gel top coat. Next I painted my  nails with different regular neon polishes, and then sealed them with another coat of Gelicious gel top coat and cured it. This mani lasted 4 days before I got a bit of wear on my tips.

What I don’t like about gel nails? Well with Gelicious, I really wish they had a better range of colours. I am a fan of dark polish, and there are only a few like that. But the company is new so I’m sure more colours will come out soon.

I also was upset I could not stamp with this polish 🙁 I thought that I may be able to stamp with gel polish but no luck – after curing the layers are tacky, so the stamping just smudges. But I got around it by painting my nails with Gelicious, and then after applying the top coat I stamped with normal polish.

Overall, I found that Gelicious was a great alternative when I needed a polish to stay on all week. It is not a product that I would use if I was changing my polish every day due to the time it takes to take off, though I have used my gels for ” undies”, then used my normal polish over them, and changed my polish every day with a non-acetone nail polish remover. .

I recommend you check out a gel product if you have issues like me with thin brittle nails, or want a product that will not chip for days at a time.

Tara is a polish making, crafting, sewing extraordinaire who loves her barnacles, both human and cat. She has a PBFL and is the nerdy sci-fi-loving brains behind Loki’s Lacquer. She also has a blog at Osiris and Loki Paint Their Nails.

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