Aussie Nails Monday: Movie

By | May 19, 2013

This week’s Aussie Nails Monday theme was Movie, and we saw some great manis inspired by our favourite films!

Minions proved popular for this theme, with a bunch of interpretations on the adorable little guys from Despicable Me.

by Ronda (@adnoronda)

by Jasmine (@nailedbyjasmine, Nailed by Jasmine)

by Theresa (@graciezac, It’s All About The Polish)
by Genna (@genna85, Eternal Dreamer)
by Elissa (@tenlittlenubs, Ten Little Nubs)
I think something’s watching me… Cheshire Cat nails by Erin (@erinzi, ErinZi’s Nails)
Gorgeous underwater treasure from Fool’s Gold nails by Rebecca (@reblr, Polished Peripherals)
Check out all the other Aussie Nails Monday manis on the #ANMonday hashtag on Instagram!

Have you ever done nail art based on your favourite movie? Let us know (or show us) in the comments.

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