Introduction to Freehand Striping

By | May 9, 2013

Striping is a really simple way to create an impact on your nails. All you need is a striping brush and a relatively steady hand….Simple!

What tools do I use?

The easiest way to paint freehand stripes is to use a striping brush, which is a paintbrush with long thin bristles. You can buy striping brushes cheaply on ebay, or use a regular paintbrush with the bristles cut down to size.

When painting stripes make sure the polish you are using is not too thick and gluggy. Your polish needs to be thin enough for the brush to drag it along with ease.

Basic Striped Manicure

An easy way to make your nails pop is to stripe various colours vertically along your nail plate from cuticle to tip. You can choose as many different colours that you like. In this manicure I have used five polishes. I painted a base colour in white then:

Step 1. Dip your striping brush into your bright pink polish. Starting at the cuticle, paint two lines by dragging your striper straight along your nail plate and over your tip.

Make sure your brush is loaded with enough polish to complete your line in one pass, but do not overload your brush.

To make wide stripes, paint two thin lines right next to each other.

Step 2. Randomly add a couple of blue stripes. It doesn’t matter if you make a mess on your skin.

Step 3. Add some shimmery gold stripes for texture and sparkle.

Step 4. Finish up with some black stripes to bring it all together.

Step 5. Clean up around your cuticle with a brush dipped in acetone and add a glossy topcoat.

Enjoy your stripey nails!

Chantelle is a Lacquerhead from South Australia. Having worked for over 10 years as a Nail Technician she is currently taking a break from the industry being a mum and enjoying writing her nail blog, A Polished Prance.

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