Giveaway – 6 Arcane Lacquers by Nail Gun XS (Open Internationally)

By | June 19, 2013

Today we have something special for you – an international giveaway of 6 Arcane Lacquers, including an unreleased shade! In case you didn’t already know, Arcane Lacquer is an Australian indie line created by Bec of Nail Gun XS – if you’ve ever seen indies from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, you’d have seen her amazing swatches. To find out more about her, we threw lots of questions at her…

To start with, tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you?

My name is Bec and I run the blog Nail Gun XS. But I also enjoy just about any craft or hobby that is creative. I’m a self proclaimed metal head and never have silence unless I’m sick. I always have some creative venture on the go – currently Arcane Lacquer is hogging all my time.

So how/when did you first get into nail polish and blogging?

I’ve always been ‘into’ nail polish, but the serious addiction kicked in about 2 years ago when I took off my acrylics, which I had for over a year to kick my nail biting habit. My obsession wasn’t helped by the mass of gorgeous swatches on Instagram, so a year ago I decided to start blogging.

Bec’s fabulous nail art – click to see the pigment nail tutorial she wrote for us!What inspired you to start making your own nail polish?

For me it felt like the natural progression from blogging. But I also had a big move in my life which has resulted in all my craft and painting supplies packed in boxes and not accessible. I still needed to create something. So I thought I’d have a play with polish making. I never intended to sell them but the demand was there.

Arcane Lacquer Willow, swatched by The Nail Polish ProjectWhat does the name of your polish line mean, and why did you choose it?

Arcane means known or understood by very few; mysterious; secret; obscure; esoteric. I like to keep that one a mystery, just like the word’s meaning. It’s open to any interpretation!

Most of your polishes can be described as “work friendly.” Is there any reason?

I didn’t intend for them to be work friendly, I just made whatever came from inside. I love swatching the big glitterbombs and they hold a special place in my heart and collection. But I wanted to create subtle and soft shades, really focusing on colour rather than the glitter itself.

Arcane Lacquer Dreary Days, swatched by Every Little PolishYou’re famous for your drool-worthy swatches. What are your tips for making them look good?

My first one would be take your time. There’s no need to rush a mani. I am a big believer in thin coats which is why I always say that I’ve done 3 thin coats but opaqueness can be achieved in 2 coats. If you take your time it will also mean less clean up. Another tip is allow a couple of minutes between coats, let it dry a little – I never have problems with Seche Vite shrinking.

What camera do you use?

I have a little Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30 which does the trick.

Arcane Lacquer Erudite Charm, swatched by Nail Gun XS
And the thousand dollar question: how do the corners of your square nails stay pointy?

I file them regularly. I’m lucky I have very thick nails that grow super fast, I feel like I’m always filing them. But on a side note, I do have a million scratches all over my body from my nails. I have been known to draw blood!


I actually have a scar on my right ankle now!

If your house caught on fire, which polish would you save? (Assuming here that you’ll instantly head to the polish.)

Right now Chanel Taboo. It’s on display next to my Ninja Polish gold leaf topcoats. Who needs other stuff – my polish stash will be worth money in years to come. If I have a daughter she is going to love me for keeping everything!

And if you have a son, you can force him to get into polish, or he can use it to get girls, or a huge eBay income!

Hell, my youngest godson lets me paint his nails! My son WILL like polish!

Anything else interesting about you that you’d like to tell us?

I’m obsessed with black! I cough before I sneeze!

And now for the part you’ve all been waiting for – the giveaway! Bec has generously donated a prize of 6 Arcane Lacquers, including one exclusive, unreleased shade. To make it even better, we’re opening this giveaway to international entrants – this is your chance to grab some beautiful polishes that aren’t available overseas yet!

Also keep your eyes on the Arcane Lacquer facebook page this weekend for some exciting news 😉

The prize pack contains:- Anomaly – a shade created specially for this giveaway- Complicated Nothings- Funhouse- On the Brink- Erudite Charm- The Power, The Passion
Arcane Lacquer Anomaly – the exclusive, unreleased shade!Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below (full terms and conditions are in the widget):
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