Reviewed: 4 of the Best Hand Creams

By | June 23, 2013

As any true polish addict knows, looking after your hands and cuticles is as important as looking after your nails themselves. The hardest part is actually finding a hand cream to meet your needs! Today I want to show you four different hand creams, of which at least one will meet the varying requirements of you lacquer loving ladies.

The Almond Hand and Nail Cream from The Body Shop is my absolute favourite. This cream is super moisturising, and only requires the smallest amount to do its job well. It even leaves a slight protective film on your hands, which is why I love to use it daily while I am at work or before/after I do the dishes. And it smells divine, I am yet to find a hand cream out there that smells nicer! At only $17.95 for 100 ml, it is definitely something that everyone can afford to splurge on!

The Nivea Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream is definitely the best value for money and is readily available at supermarkets/chemists for any dry hand emergencies. This cream is quite moisturising, but it can be a little greasy. I tend to use this cream the most when I am swatching, as acetone really does a number on your hands and cuticles, and this hand cream offers a layer of protection. It varies in cost between $3.69 – $4.49 for 75 ml, and because of the great price, you can use it as often as you want or need!

The Lush Dream Cream is an amazing lotion that is perfect for sore, dry or irritated hands. You can actually use this cream on any part of your body displaying those symptoms, but I reserve it for times when I am naughty and don’t moisturise my hands as much as I should, particularly after a long swatch session, or if I do the dishes multiple times in one day. It is slightly scented with lavender and camomile, so it’s also a great cream to use before bed for a relaxing scent to drift off to sleep to! As with any of the Lush products, you only need a little bit to do a lot! You can buy 240 gm for $29.95 and the best part? It’s vegan and completely natural!

The L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is by far my most luxurious hand cream. This cream is easily the best in regards to moisturising, the slightest amount instantly softens and moisturises your hands for 24 hours, and leaves no film or greasiness. It has a very soft shea scent, which is just lovely. At $39 for 150 ml, it is also the most expensive hand cream of my favourites, and one I definitely save for when I am going out or want to spoil myself after a manicure.

My recommendation for the must-buy of this bunch is, of course, the Almond Hand and Nail Cream from The Body Shop. It is medium-priced, is second to the best for moisturising and smells so good, I promise you’ll never regret making the purchase!

If you use a great hand cream that I haven’t listed here, comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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