Silly Nail Polish Tips You Always Hear… and Great Tips You Don’t 1

By | June 5, 2013

There are a billion self-styled nail art “gurus” out there, and they love to dish out advice. Here are some of the most oft-repeated tips that get spread around, even though they don’t work…

Don’t do this…

“Reapply top coat every day for a long lasting, chip-free mani.”

This piece of advice is parroted everywhere, including on the back of many top coat bottles (possibly to encourage you to use up more top coat and buy more). A long-lasting mani could be anywhere from 5-10 days – with base coat, a minimum of 2 coats of nail polish, and the original top coat (assuming you’re not using glitter, or glitter food), that’s 8-13 coats of polish in total! Which is a LOT. Varnished Valkyrie did a 53 coat manicure – 13 coats is a quarter of this thickness, which is still pretty ridiculous, and removal will not be fun, provided it doesn’t all chip off (thick manis chip faster).

Additionally, if you’re using a quick dry top coat, you need to use it over wet polish, otherwise your mani will peel off like a shedding snake. If you’re adding a regular top coat every day, assuming that it takes an hour to apply and dry, you may as well use those 5 hours to do two fresh manis!

…instead, do this!

To keep your mani chip-free, you can:

– use a grippy base coat (see our poll on the best base coats for suggestions) or a long-wear top coat (e.g. a clear gel top coat)
– use thin layers of nail polish
– wrap the tips (paint each coat along the very edge of your nail, not just on top)
– avoid keeping your nails underwater
– reapply a non-quick dry top coat every few days
– consider adding a chunky glitter on top or on the tips to cover chips
– don’t pick at your polish
– don’t use your nails to open soft drink cans etc.
– change your mani more often! 😉

This will be a series on Lacquerheads – what tips do you love (and hate?)

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