Tutorial: 2 Ways with Loose Glitter Placement

By | June 5, 2013

You may have seen nail art created with carefully placed loose glitter and thought “Aint nobody got time for that!” But in reality, they’re (relatively) quick and painless! In this tutorial, I’ll show you 2 ways to do nail art with loose glitter or sequins.

You will need:

– Base colour
– Top coat
– Orange stick or toothpick
– Loose glitter (available from ebay or Born Pretty Store)

What to do:

Step 1. Paint your nails with your base colour. Allow to dry.

Step 2. Tip out some of the glitters and make sure they’re well separated. Pour out a couple of drops of top coat.

Step 3. Take the pointy end of your orange stick and dip into the top coat. Don’t get too much top coat on – just a tiny dab will do.

Step 4. Pick up a piece of glitter. It’ll stick to the top coat on the end of the stick.

Step 5. You can either:

a) Lightly dip the piece of glitter back into the top coat to coat the other side.
b) Paint a coat of top coat onto your nail. (pictured below)

Step 6. Place the glitter onto the nail, and it will stick in place.

Step 7. Wait for your nails to dry, then apply top coat to smooth it all out. With a bit of practice, you can get this done in no time at all!

Do you like the look of glitter placement nail art? What are your tips for getting the best results?

Rosemarie likes video games, possibly because she gets to look at her polished nails while playing them. With a degree in digital design, she’s often forgoing food as she has spent all her meagre designer’s salary on nail polish. She can be found blogging at Every Little Polish and on Instagram (@everylittlepolish).

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