You know you’re obsessed with nail polish when… Part 1

By | June 5, 2013

Nail polish devotees are a strange breed! Here’s a brief field guide to checking if you’re a member of this species:

– You’ve visited three or more of the same chain store in a row looking for a certain polish.

– The people at the beauty store are sick of you asking after new collections the morning they’re released.

– Now they just ring you when the new collection arrives.

– You’ve had to sneak polish purchases into the house.

– Your family know your guilty polish-hauling face.

– You’ve accidentally bought something you already had in your collection.

– You’ve purposefully bought something you already had in your collection, “just in case”.

– You own a Helmer full of polish.

– Several Helmers full of polish.

– You have agonised over how to sort your collection – by brand? by colour? by collection?

– You have a list of the polishes you’d rescue if there was a house fire… you’re not so organised with the family heirlooms (limited edition polish is a heirloom!)

– You’ve told other people which polish they’ve got on.

– You thought “Paint all the nails!” was the original version of the meme.

– When you buy a new polish, whether the bottle shape fits in with the rest of your collection is an important factor.

– When you see an item of clothing, you’re too busy thinking about turning it into a nail art design to think about wearing it.

– You pick hobbies based on whether they’re nail friendly (rock climbing = no!)

– You don’t use toothpicks, cotton buds, PVA glue or sticky tape for their original purposes anymore.

What else sets a polish addict apart? Let us know and we’ll share your suggestions in part 2!

Michelle has *almost* finished her PhD in chemistry. When she’s not busy spreading the science love or in the pole dance studio, she’s blogging at Lab Muffin and Polish or Perish, or buying all the beauty products. 

You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@labmuffin).

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