Easy Flower Nail Art Tutorial

By | July 2, 2013

Hello lacquer lovers! Today I have a flower nail art tutorial for beginners. This is something that everyone, no matter what the skill set, can do and it’s an attention getter!

For this look you will need a few things:
–     A base colour – I used an unnamed neon mint from the brand Just Shine.
–     Three different ‘dotting’ colours – I used an unnamed teal from Just Shine, 24/7 by Sinful Colors, and Sunshine by Avon.
–     A dotting tool

This pictorial shows one flower, but you can do multiple flowers on your nails. Now, on to the steps!

Step 1: Start off with your base colour.
Step 2: Use your first dotting colour for the middle of the flower. I would recommend yellow just because it is easily relatable with the middle of a flower.
Step 3: Take your second dotting color and put three dots around the yellow dot. Make sure that there is an even amount of space in between the dots because you want to be able to fit the third dotting color in!
Step 4: Take your last dotting color and put three dots in the empty space between the previous dots.
Step 5: Top it off with your favorite top coat!

You now have the cutest flower manicure! It can be played up with neon colors or it can be played down with soft colors – either way it is the perfect manicure for any event!

Samantha is a nail polish addict from the beautiful coast of North Carolina, USA. When she is not studying she can be found blogging at SouthernSparkle Nail Art, posting pictures on Instagram  (@samantha_faye16), or updating her blog’s Facebook page. Her love for lacquer consumes her life and she would love to share it with you!

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