Flocking Powder Nail Tutorial

By | July 2, 2013

What’s more awesome than fluffy kittens and nail polish? Fluffy nail polish! Textured nails are all the rage these days, and flocking powder is just one easy way to achieve that effect. This tutorial will show you the simple steps needed to create this flocking powder manicure.

I originally created this flocking powder manicure for a guest post over at More Nail Polish, with a Chewbacca themed design. This is the final product:

What You’ll Need:
– Flocking Powder. Can be bought at craft stores like Lincraft or Spotlight, or online nail supply stores like Born Pretty Store or Messy Mansion.
– Tweezers
– Fan brush. You can buy one at an art store, but they usually come in those el cheapo nail brush sets you can buy on ebay.
– Nail polish in roughly the same colour as the flocking powder.

Step 1. Paint your nails with one coat of nail polish (two if you’re using an extra sheer polish). Don’t worry if it’s patchy, because you’ll be going over it with another coat later.

Step 2. While you’re waiting for it to dry, use a pair of tweezers or the end of the fan brush to break up the clumps of flocking powder fibre. You want it to be nice and loose to get even distribution over the nail.

Step 3. Paint one nail with a thick coat of nail polish. Immediately, while it’s still wet, pick up a generous amount of flocking powder with the tweezers and place it onto the wet polish. Spread it around, making sure it covers the entire nail.

Step 4. Use the fan brush to lightly brush off the excess powder. Gently pat the remaining powder down onto the nail with your finger to make sure it’s properly attached.

Step 5. Repeat with remaining nails.

You can use tape with flocking powder too! Just apply tape as usual to your completely dry first coat, then proceed. I used tape here for Chewbacca’s belt in this design. I carefully peeled off the tape at this point, after brushing off the excess powder.

You may notice that I didn’t mention a step for cleanup… Because there is virtually no cleanup to do with flocking powder! Because it’s dry, stray particles just brush straight off with the fan brush. 
That’s all there is to it! Easier than you expected, right? Flocking powder comes in a huge variety of colours so you can use it in lots of different designs.

Have you tried flocking powder before? What do you think of it?

Rosemarie likes video games, possibly because she gets to look at her polished nails while playing them. With a degree in digital design, she’s often forgoing food as she has spent all her meagre designer’s salary on nail polish. She can be found blogging at Every Little Polish and on Instagram (@everylittlepolish).

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