The Best Apps for Instagrammers

By | July 1, 2013

Instagram sure is addictive, and the huge variety of apps available to tweak and edit your photos to perfection makes it even better. We surveyed our brains trust to create a list of must-have Instagram related apps that we have tried and tested:


Camera+ (iOS, $1.99) – This camera replacement app has a bunch of useful features like a stabiliser, borders, cropping and effects built right into it. The best thing about it is that it allows you to independently set the exposure, white balance metering and focus. 
Camera Awesome (iOS, free) – Basically all the features of Camera+, but free.
ProCapture (Android, $2.69) – Basically all the features of Camera+, but for Android.

Photo Editing

Pixlr Express (iOS/Android, free) – The mobile version of the popular browser-based photo editor. Has a huge range of image adjustments, filters, borders, overlays and is highly customisable.

Snapseed (iOS/Android, free) – Features an innovative interface that makes it super easy to tweak your photos. Excels at detailed colour correction, and allows you to selectively adjust parts of an image. Also features textures, frames, blur, cropping and filters.

Filterstorm (iOS, $4.49) – Photoshop in a mobile app. Highly recommended for anyone serious about mobile photography, and who wants to get really detailed with every aspect of tweaking and correcting their images. Has every photograph correcting feature imaginable.

Adobe Photoshop Express (iOS/Android, free) – A light-featured and basic photo editor. Main features include colour correction, brightness/contrast and some basic filters.

Tilt Shift Focus (iOS, $0.99) – Easily add blur to enhance photos, or precisely soften details.

Line Camera (iOS/Android, free) – Decorate your photos with heaps of cute and hilarious stickers. Also includes frames and filters. Lots of fun!

Bokehful (iOS, $0.99) – Add fun bokeh light effects to your photos. Allows you to choose different colour schemes, opacities and shapes.

Watermarking and Text

Phonto (iOS/Android, free) – Lets you add text to your photos. It has over 100 fonts built in, and even has a feature to load your own fonts into it.
TextCutie (iOS/Android, free) – Add cute text and stickers to different backgrounds and themes.

Textgram (iOS/Android, free) – Add cute text and stickers to different backgrounds and themes.

Instaquote (iOS, free, pro version $2.99) – A slightly more hipster version of a text-on-background app. 
PicsArt (iOS/Android, free) – A fully functioning photo editor, but we like to use it for curved watermarks.
Curved Text (iOS, $1.99) – Great app for creating curved watermarks with loads of customisation.
A Beautiful Mess (iOS, $0.99) – Add quirky text and hand drawn graphics to your photos, giving them a vintage hipster feel. 


Picframe (iOS/Android, $0.99) – Combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames. Features 71 fully adjustable frames supporting up to 9 photos, text labels, rounded corners, photo effects, shapes, shadows and patterns.
Diptic (iOS/Android, $0.99) – For some reason the iOS version has a lot more features than the Android version. The iOS version features 179 fully customisable layouts with up to 9 photos per layout, with additional layouts available for purchase. Also includes text captions, textures, filters, border controls and photo adjustments.
Frame Magic (iOS, $0.99) – Features 150 customisable layouts with up to 36 photos – way more than other apps. Has all the usual options for customising the border, text captions, filters and stickers.

Frametastic (iOS, free) – Select from 18 frames (expandable to 45), and 44 great looking photo effects. Has an auto-frame feature where you can select photos from your library, and the app generates the perfect frame to fit.

Stats & Followers

Followers+ (iOS, free) – Track who has followed/unfollowed you, and other stats such as likes per photo and who is not following you back.
Instafolllow (iOS/Android, free) – Track who has followed/unfollowed you, and other stats such as who is not following you back, and your most engaged followers.
Statigram – This is a website, not a mobile app, but it’s so useful we had to mention it. It shows loads of detailed stats about your account, including your most liked photos ever, follower growth charts, and optimisation tips.


InstaRepost (iOS/Android, free) – Easily repost Instagram images instead of screenshotting and resizing. Allows you to automatically add the watermark of the original poster, and save images to your camera roll as well.


Squaready (iOS, free) – An invaluable app that allows you to post non-square photos to Instagram without cropping. 


If you prefer to take your photos on a camera first and edit on the computer, here are our favourite ways to transfer to our mobiles to post on Instagram:

– Email the photo to yourself
– Save it directly from your blog
– Sync your phone with your computer, and drag the photo to your photostream/image gallery
– Post on facebook and share directly from the facebook app
– Upload to Dropbox on your computer, and download the photo using the Dropbox app

I hope this helps you navigate the confusing world of IG apps, and perhaps even discovered some new ones! Happy Instagramming!

What are your favourite Instagram-related apps?

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