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Smuggling Polish: A Beginner’s Guide

We’ve done a couple of posts on polish addiction here at Lacquerheads so far – unsurprising considering we are all absolute, diehard polish addicts ourselves. Maybe you’ve read “You Know You’re Obsessed with Nail Polish When…”, and realised you actually are addicted. Perhaps you then read my handy guide for how to justify said addiction to concerned friends… Read More »

Polish Ninja Training 101

Ever had your eye on a polish or two during an online launch or restock only to discover that the item didn’t actually make it into your cart at the last second? Some seller’s websites allow them to have preventative cart-jacking measures in place, but even with these measures you still need lightning fast ninja speed to secure… Read More »

Where (else) to buy indies

So you’ve been bitten by the polish bug and your ulta3, OPI or Zoya just isn’t cutting it anymore. Enter the world of indie polishes. The lacquer world is undergoing a huge boom with indie polishes – a little over a year ago there was only a small handful of indie polish makers, now there are new creators… Read More »

Where to Buy Indies: Femme Fatale and Giveaway

Who amongst us hasn’t felt the pain of trying to get their hands on that elusive wishlist indie from the US? Setting your alarm clock for 3 am, hitting refresh repeatedly as you squint at the screen with tired, blurry eyes, then getting stung by excessive postage costs and long delivery times? And let’s not even mention the… Read More »

Polish destinations: Priceline

Note: we are not affiliated with Priceline, nor have we been paid to write this post – this is purely an informational post to help Aussie girls out when polish shopping! We all love to shop for polishes online – it is usually cheaper, and the anticipation of receiving a package in the mail is half the fun.… Read More »

Indie and boutique polish directory

After reading up on what an indie is, you might be wondering how to get your hands on some. Well, we’re here to help! Today we bring you… The Lacquerheads of Oz Indie and Boutique Polish Directory! This is what (we’re hoping) will become a one-stop-shop for finding out which places ship to you, or alternatively, what to… Read More »