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The Golden Rules of Giveaways

Ah, giveaways. They are a great way to gain followers and share the nail polish love with your readers. A simple giveaway can be trickier to organise than you may believe. There are a couple of ways you can choose to run a giveaway: 1. Purchase products yourself and offer them as prizes. This is often what newer… Read More »

Blog School: Blogger vs WordPress

Welcome to another Blog School class! Today we’re discussing blogging platforms – should you use Blogger or WordPress? Read on to find out more… Have you been thinking about starting your own blog? One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is which blogging platform to use. The two that most people use are Blogger and WordPress.… Read More »

Blog School: Tips for Writing Reviews

Welcome to Lacquerheads of Oz Blog School, where every week we’ll be giving you tips on various blogging topics. Today we’re talking reviews! So you’ve bought a product, love (or hate) it and want to share your opinion with the internet… but now you’re stuck. Where do you start? How do you finish?Everyone has their own writing “voice”,… Read More »

Blogger and Brand Collaborations – Do’s and Don’ts

So you’ve got an indie line and need some swatches or reviews? Or perhaps you’re a blogger who wants to work with indie brands? We’ve asked a heap of bloggers* and brands for their input, so here’s your one stop shop of the do’s and don’t’s from both perspectives. (*N.B. – “bloggers” here includes swatchers and IG-ers etc.)… Read More »

Media Kit Basics for Bloggers

What is a media kit? Essentially, a media kit is your blog’s resume – it outlines all the important information about your blog. It usually includes information such as your audience statistics, your review policies, and details about yourself as a blogger. Why do I need one? As your blog grows, you will start to deal with brands… Read More »

How to Install Google Analytics on Blogger

If you have a blog, no doubt you’re curious as to how many people are reading it. Blogger has some built-in stats, but unfortunately they’re not very reliable. If you want your true blog stats, you will need to install Google Analytics. You can click any of these screenshots to enlarge them.Signing up for Google Analytics Step 1.… Read More »

Photoshop for Nails: Curved Watermark Tutorial

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to bring you my first post in my Photoshop tutorials series! After seeing countless posts about girls asking how to do the highly desired curved cuticle watermark, I’ve taken it upon myself to enlighten everyone. So I must say, welcome to the highly requested and much anticipated curved watermark tutorial! Now this can… Read More »