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How to Use Cuticle Remover

We all admire well-manicured nails with clean edges. Nails can look neglected with overgrown cuticles along their contours. If done properly and hygienically, removing cuticles is harmless since they are just dead skin (read up on the anatomy of the nail here). However, being too rough on your cuticles with either chemical removers or cutters can damage the… Read More »

Reviewed: 4 of the Best Hand Creams

As any true polish addict knows, looking after your hands and cuticles is as important as looking after your nails themselves. The hardest part is actually finding a hand cream to meet your needs! Today I want to show you four different hand creams, of which at least one will meet the varying requirements of you lacquer loving… Read More »

Q&A: What’s your hand and nail care routine?

There are a lot of us in Lacquerheads of Oz, so if you have a question, we usually have an answer! Our reader question today is from Michelle, who asked, “Can you show your nail regime as to what you do to your nails on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?” Since everyone’s nails and skin are different, regimens vary a… Read More »