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Smuggling Polish: A Beginner’s Guide

We’ve done a couple of posts on polish addiction here at Lacquerheads so far – unsurprising considering we are all absolute, diehard polish addicts ourselves. Maybe you’ve read “You Know You’re Obsessed with Nail Polish When…”, and realised you actually are addicted. Perhaps you then read my handy guide for how to justify said addiction to concerned friends… Read More »

Polish Ninja Training 101

Ever had your eye on a polish or two during an online launch or restock only to discover that the item didn’t actually make it into your cart at the last second? Some seller’s websites allow them to have preventative cart-jacking measures in place, but even with these measures you still need lightning fast ninja speed to secure… Read More »

Group Buy Precautions

Group Buys are an awesome way of getting your hands on polish with friends. Sometimes it’s to share shipping costs, other times it’s to acquire polishes that don’t generally ship to your country. On entering into a group buy, here are some handy hints to help you stay safe and enjoy participating.Find out a bit about the organiser… Read More »

Nail Polish Swap Precautions

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of “nail mail” which is when the postman actually brings you pretty parcels of nail related products, instead of those evil bills. Swapping is one of the easier ways to get your hands (and nails) on items that are not easily sourced in your neighbourhood or online. Once you’ve found yourself a… Read More »

WTF Mate!? Nail Slang for Newbies

Like many other hobbies, the polish community has a lot of terminology that can be pretty incomprehensible to newbies or outsiders. HG, undies, lemmings – it can sound like a whole other language at first. For your entertainment and education, I collected a short list of the most commonly misunderstood terms, and presented them to my boyfriend to… Read More »

The Ultimate Nail Polish Trivia Quiz

One of the great things about being obsessed with nail polish is that your friends see you as a walking encyclopedia on anything polish-related. You’re able to tell what colour polish someone is wearing before they even tell you, and you can name the five most recent OPI collections. Why not put all that seemingly useless wealth of… Read More »

Tutorial: How to build a Helmer

We briefly mentioned what a Helmer is in this newbie vocab post here – it’s a stack of drawers from IKEA, which nail polish addicts discovered was amazing for housing hundreds of polishes in one neat block. So you’ve started collecting polish, and you took the leap, braved the crowds at IKEA and got yourself a Helmer –… Read More »

What is an indie?

An “indie” nail polish is the term commonly used to refer to a category of polish brands that are independently owned and operated. These polishes are often created and produced by one individual, or in some cases a very small team. Some people consider only handmade polishes to be indie, but others allow manufactured polishes to fall under… Read More »

Why do I need a top coat?

So you’ve painted your nails in an amazing colour… is that your mani done? What’s this top coat thing, and why do you need to add yet another coat? A final layer of clear top coat over your finished manicure is important for a few reasons: Finish – Some nail polish shades dry matte – neon colours, for… Read More »

All About the Big 3

If you’re a newcomer to the wonderful world of nail polish, there is a lot of jargon to decipher. But a bit of jargon you should stop and pay attention to for a moment is “Big 3”. The Big 3 are three chemicals that have been used in nail polish and nail hardeners for a long time, and… Read More »