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How to Use Studs & Rhinestones for Nail Art

Studs and rhinestones are a fun and easy way to embellish your nails, and are great for beginners and pros alike. Today’s post is going to walk you through what studs and rhinestones are, how to use them, and where to buy them. What are studs and rhinestones? Studs and rhinestones are small 3D shapes with a flat… Read More »

In-Depth Water Marbling Nail Art Tutorial

Hello beautiful people! Corynn Musser of Mucking Fusser here to share with you an in depth water marbling tutorial as well as some tips and tricks! If you didn’t know already I am a water marbling fanatic, I really can’t get enough of it! There are so many different combinations and designs you can achieve. So let’s start… Read More »

Gradient Dotticure Nail Art Tutorial

Dot manicures, or ‘Dotticures’ are very trendy right now, so today I’m going to show you a simple version of a dotted gradient. First, you’ll need to choose three colours. They don’t have to match, your options are very much open with this. Three colours, whatever you’d like! For mine, I chose Zoya Blu, Picture Polish Bombshell and… Read More »

Tutorial: How to apply nail foils

I received two nail foil designs and a non-dry glue from KKCenterHk for review. It’s the first time I’ve used nail foils, so it is by no means perfect, but I will take you through how I applied the foil in this post, along with some handy tips for beginners. You will need:– Nail foil transferMy 5 year-old… Read More »

Waterspotting Nail Art Tutorial

Just a quick reminder that we’re holding a giveaway with Bec’s very own nail polish line, Arcane Lacquer. Make sure to enter here if you haven’t already! Hello Lacquerhead readers. After the success of the Pigment Nails Tutorial I did a while back, Lacquerheads were keen to get me to do another tutorial. For a while I was… Read More »

Leopard Print Nail Art Tutorial

Hello lovely ladies of the nail world. Today I am here to share with you my (hopefully) easy Leopard print mani, step by step. Everyone does their own leopard print differently and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Like any kind of nail art, its all up to interpretation. This is my own take… Read More »

Patchwork Heart Nail Art tutorial

Just a reminder that we’re holding an awesome international giveaway, make sure to enter here if you haven’t already! A couple of years ago, nail polish companies started to bring out ‘real’ polish strips as a convenient and no fuss, no mess way to do your nails. At first I really loved the idea and totally thought it… Read More »

Easy Flower Nail Art Tutorial

Hello lacquer lovers! Today I have a flower nail art tutorial for beginners. This is something that everyone, no matter what the skill set, can do and it’s an attention getter! For this look you will need a few things:–     A base colour – I used an unnamed neon mint from the brand Just Shine.–     Three different ‘dotting’… Read More »

Flocking Powder Nail Tutorial

What’s more awesome than fluffy kittens and nail polish? Fluffy nail polish! Textured nails are all the rage these days, and flocking powder is just one easy way to achieve that effect. This tutorial will show you the simple steps needed to create this flocking powder manicure. I originally created this flocking powder manicure for a guest post… Read More »