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How to Use Cuticle Remover

We all admire well-manicured nails with clean edges. Nails can look neglected with overgrown cuticles along their contours. If done properly and hygienically, removing cuticles is harmless since they are just dead skin (read up on the anatomy of the nail here). However, being too rough on your cuticles with either chemical removers or cutters can damage the… Read More »

Polish Ninja Training 101

Ever had your eye on a polish or two during an online launch or restock only to discover that the item didn’t actually make it into your cart at the last second? Some seller’s websites allow them to have preventative cart-jacking measures in place, but even with these measures you still need lightning fast ninja speed to secure… Read More »

Tutorial: 2 Ways with Loose Glitter Placement

You may have seen nail art created with carefully placed loose glitter and thought “Aint nobody got time for that!” But in reality, they’re (relatively) quick and painless! In this tutorial, I’ll show you 2 ways to do nail art with loose glitter or sequins. You will need: – Base colour– Top coat– Orange stick or toothpick– Loose… Read More »

Cartoon Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Lacquer Lovers! Today I have a super cute nail art tutorial for you: Cartoon Nails! It is so cute and it’s the perfect way to get those cartoon inspired nails. The best part is that this look can be achieved in three painless steps! You will need some supplies before we can begin! – Base color; I… Read More »

Introduction to Freehand Striping

Striping is a really simple way to create an impact on your nails. All you need is a striping brush and a relatively steady hand….Simple! What tools do I use? The easiest way to paint freehand stripes is to use a striping brush, which is a paintbrush with long thin bristles. You can buy striping brushes cheaply on ebay,… Read More »

Nail Art Tutorial: Pigment Nails

“Pigment nails??” I hear you say – yes you heard right. When I say ‘pigment’, I am referring to the same loose eyeshadow pigments you use for your eye makeup. Well the buck doesn’t just stop there, it can also be used on your nails to create a very unique one-off look. You can pick up loose eyeshadow… Read More »

Tutorial: How to Apply Gelicious Gel Polish

This is a tutorial on how to apply Gelicious, a home gel polish product available in Australia. Most gel products are used in a similar manner – however, the exact details (curing times etc.) may differ. Refer to the instructions that came with your kit for the best results. Gelicious is a great new product I was introduced… Read More »

How to Install Google Analytics on Blogger

If you have a blog, no doubt you’re curious as to how many people are reading it. Blogger has some built-in stats, but unfortunately they’re not very reliable. If you want your true blog stats, you will need to install Google Analytics. You can click any of these screenshots to enlarge them.Signing up for Google Analytics Step 1.… Read More »

Sponged Glitter Gradient Tutorial

Today I am going to be using 4 of my Illamasqua polishes to do a gradient with glitter tips tutorial. I learnt this off Sam who runs The Nailasaurus blog. Her nail art and tutorials are amazing, go check them out! First off we need to pick our colours! I grabbed Illamasqua ‘Throb’ a blood red, ‘Boosh’ a… Read More »

Nail art tutorial: Drag Marble

Hi! Brie here, (aka @strawbrie on Instagram). I’ve got a simple pictorial to share with you today which uses the “Drag Marbling” technique. What is drag marbling? Drag marbling is a method of dragging a pattern through polish while it’s still wet on your nails. There are many designs you can try, but today I’ll be explaining how… Read More »