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How to remove glitter – The foil method

Hi there! My name is Elissa and I’m so excited to be bringing you my first post on Lacquerheads of Oz! 🙂 Let’s be honest. Most of us love glitter polishes. They’re so sparkly and eye-catching! But many of us will avoid buying or wearing the pretty glitters because they are such a pain to remove. That was… Read More »

Tutorial: How to build a Helmer

We briefly mentioned what a Helmer is in this newbie vocab post here – it’s a stack of drawers from IKEA, which nail polish addicts discovered was amazing for housing hundreds of polishes in one neat block. So you’ve started collecting polish, and you took the leap, braved the crowds at IKEA and got yourself a Helmer –… Read More »

Photoshop for Nails: Curved Watermark Tutorial

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to bring you my first post in my Photoshop tutorials series! After seeing countless posts about girls asking how to do the highly desired curved cuticle watermark, I’ve taken it upon myself to enlighten everyone. So I must say, welcome to the highly requested and much anticipated curved watermark tutorial! Now this can… Read More »

Nail Art Tutorial: How to do cupcake nails in 6 easy steps

 Editor’s note: It’s Anthea’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Anthea! 🙂 Pastel colours are in fashion right now, and what cuter way to wear them than as cupcakes on your nails? This step-by-step tutorial makes cupcake nails simple, even for beginners. If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed, try doing a cupcake on one nail only to begin with… Read More »

Tape manicure basics

Hey there fellow nail obsessed lovelies! I’m going to discuss Tape Manis today – what they are, how to achieve them, and the best tools for the job. The basic definition of a tape mani is any sort of manicure that uses tape to create lines or areas not to be polished. There are many ways to use… Read More »