Giveaway – 6 Arcane Lacquers by Nail Gun XS (Open Internationally)

Today we have something special for you – an international giveaway of 6 Arcane Lacquers, including an unreleased shade! In case you didn’t already know, Arcane Lacquer is an Australian indie line created by Bec of Nail Gun XS – if you’ve ever seen indies from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, you’d have seen her amazing swatches. To find out… Read More »

Tutorial: 2 Ways with Loose Glitter Placement

You may have seen nail art created with carefully placed loose glitter and thought “Aint nobody got time for that!” But in reality, they’re (relatively) quick and painless! In this tutorial, I’ll show you 2 ways to do nail art with loose glitter or sequins. You will need: – Base colour– Top coat– Orange stick or toothpick– Loose… Read More »

Cartoon Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Lacquer Lovers! Today I have a super cute nail art tutorial for you: Cartoon Nails! It is so cute and it’s the perfect way to get those cartoon inspired nails. The best part is that this look can be achieved in three painless steps! You will need some supplies before we can begin! – Base color; I… Read More »

You know you’re obsessed with nail polish when… Part 1

Nail polish devotees are a strange breed! Here’s a brief field guide to checking if you’re a member of this species: – You’ve visited three or more of the same chain store in a row looking for a certain polish. – The people at the beauty store are sick of you asking after new collections the morning they’re… Read More »

Silly Nail Polish Tips You Always Hear… and Great Tips You Don’t 1

There are a billion self-styled nail art “gurus” out there, and they love to dish out advice. Here are some of the most oft-repeated tips that get spread around, even though they don’t work… Don’t do this… “Reapply top coat every day for a long lasting, chip-free mani.” This piece of advice is parroted everywhere, including on the… Read More »

French Tips vs Half Moon vs Ruffian

The realm of nail art terms can be intimidating, but luckily for you, we’re here to help you find your way! Today we’ll be showing you the difference between french tips, half moon and ruffian nails. French Tips A french tip (or french manicure) is where just the tips of your nails are a different colour. Traditionally, this… Read More »

Aussie Nails Monday: Lace

This week’s Aussie Nails Monday theme was Lace. Let’s get inspired by the beautiful designs created this week by the Aussie Nails girls: Delicate baby pink and white dotted lace by @lilyandjinks We love the contrast between the black and pink on these nails by @oliviajade19 Work-appropriate lace nail art using Gelicious by Ann (@annvsv, Nailovelogy) And last… Read More »

Aussie Nails Monday: Movie

This week’s Aussie Nails Monday theme was Movie, and we saw some great manis inspired by our favourite films! Minions proved popular for this theme, with a bunch of interpretations on the adorable little guys from Despicable Me. by Ronda (@adnoronda) by Jasmine (@nailedbyjasmine, Nailed by Jasmine)by Theresa (@graciezac, It’s All About The Polish)by Genna (@genna85, Eternal Dreamer)by… Read More »

Nail Art Tutorial: Pigment Nails

“Pigment nails??” I hear you say – yes you heard right. When I say ‘pigment’, I am referring to the same loose eyeshadow pigments you use for your eye makeup. Well the buck doesn’t just stop there, it can also be used on your nails to create a very unique one-off look. You can pick up loose eyeshadow… Read More »

Introduction to Freehand Striping

Striping is a really simple way to create an impact on your nails. All you need is a striping brush and a relatively steady hand….Simple! What tools do I use? The easiest way to paint freehand stripes is to use a striping brush, which is a paintbrush with long thin bristles. You can buy striping brushes cheaply on ebay,… Read More »