Aussie Nails Monday Round-up: Stripes

Another week, another Aussie Nails Monday! This week’s theme was Stripes. Let’s see some of the awesome stripy designs from this week. Adelle (@adelle1985 on Instagram) did this fabulous holographic, glittery striped design. Subtle but very pretty stripes by Jess (@maedaynails on Instagram). Tammy of Oh My Gosh Polish incorporated stripes into this cute ombre mani. Cute black… Read More »

Femme Fatale Cosmetics giveaway winner

The winner has been drawn for our recent giveaway celebrating the launch of Femme Fatale Cosmetics as Australia’s first indie distributor – the lucky winner is Carli. She’s responded to claim her prize, which is this super indie prize pack, containing Girly Bits Eggnogoholic, Gloss ‘n Sparkle Slowly Growing Deaf and Femme Fatale Displaced Dreams. If you didn’t… Read More »

Which bit is which? Anatomy of the nail

The anatomy of the nail isn’t all that complicated, but is helpful to know when taking care of your pretties. The diagram below shows my thumb nail, and the 9 main parts of the nail which are explained in more detail below. The left side of the diagram shows the parts of the nail we can see from… Read More »

An Introduction to Teabagging: Nail Repair Method

So, the worst possible thing has happened. You broke a nail. Ok, maybe it’s not THAT bad, but it can be pretty darn annoying! But, never fear, thanks to a regular old teabag, not all hope is lost! That’s not a fun break, and if not fixed, it would break off eventually by itself. To fix this, all… Read More »

How to remove glitter – The foil method

Hi there! My name is Elissa and I’m so excited to be bringing you my first post on Lacquerheads of Oz! 🙂 Let’s be honest. Most of us love glitter polishes. They’re so sparkly and eye-catching! But many of us will avoid buying or wearing the pretty glitters because they are such a pain to remove. That was… Read More »

DIY Moisturising Glycerin/Acetone Nail Polish Remover Recipe

As you might’ve noticed, many of us Lacquerheads use a DIY glycerin/acetone remover. Why? – It’s cheap – acetone from the hardware store is much cheaper than a little bottle from the chemist– It’s effective – about as effective as straight acetone!– It’s gentle – it actually stops your cuticles from drying out, like they would with plain… Read More »

WTF Mate!? Nail Slang for Newbies

Like many other hobbies, the polish community has a lot of terminology that can be pretty incomprehensible to newbies or outsiders. HG, undies, lemmings – it can sound like a whole other language at first. For your entertainment and education, I collected a short list of the most commonly misunderstood terms, and presented them to my boyfriend to… Read More »

Where to Buy Indies: Femme Fatale and Giveaway

Who amongst us hasn’t felt the pain of trying to get their hands on that elusive wishlist indie from the US? Setting your alarm clock for 3 am, hitting refresh repeatedly as you squint at the screen with tired, blurry eyes, then getting stung by excessive postage costs and long delivery times? And let’s not even mention the… Read More »

Instagram Tips & Tricks with @strawbrie Episode 3: Tagging and Chain Games

Brie here again! A few of you have questions about “tagging” and “chain games”, so I’m going to explain how these work & how to use them appropriately. So let’s get this party started! What is “tagging”? When you “tag” someone you “@mention them”. Let’s say I want to thank someone for the inspiration for my latest mani.… Read More »

Tutorial: How to build a Helmer

We briefly mentioned what a Helmer is in this newbie vocab post here – it’s a stack of drawers from IKEA, which nail polish addicts discovered was amazing for housing hundreds of polishes in one neat block. So you’ve started collecting polish, and you took the leap, braved the crowds at IKEA and got yourself a Helmer –… Read More »