Tape manicure basics

Hey there fellow nail obsessed lovelies! I’m going to discuss Tape Manis today – what they are, how to achieve them, and the best tools for the job. The basic definition of a tape mani is any sort of manicure that uses tape to create lines or areas not to be polished. There are many ways to use… Read More »

Nail Art Tutorial: How to do cupcake nails in 6 easy steps

 Editor’s note: It’s Anthea’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Anthea! 🙂 Pastel colours are in fashion right now, and what cuter way to wear them than as cupcakes on your nails? This step-by-step tutorial makes cupcake nails simple, even for beginners. If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed, try doing a cupcake on one nail only to begin with… Read More »

Instagram Tips & Tricks with @strawbrie Episode 2: Getting Featured

Welcome to another installment of Instagram Tips and Tricks with @strawbrie! Another question I get asked a lot is: What are feature accounts & how do they work?  Feature accounts are accounts that post other people’s photos and give credit to the original artist by @mentioning them in the comments. (@Mentioning is when someone “tags” you in their… Read More »

Instagram Tips & Tricks with @strawbrie Episode 1: All about hashtags

Hi, Brie here! I’m going to be giving a few tips and answering a few common questions regarding the nail art community on Instagram. So… let’s get started!What the heck are hash tags? Hash tags gather groups of pictures together into categories. e.g. Try searching the hash tag #nailart or #aussienails from the “Explore” page. You’ll see all… Read More »

All About the Big 3

If you’re a newcomer to the wonderful world of nail polish, there is a lot of jargon to decipher. But a bit of jargon you should stop and pay attention to for a moment is “Big 3”. The Big 3 are three chemicals that have been used in nail polish and nail hardeners for a long time, and… Read More »

Polish destinations: Priceline

Note: we are not affiliated with Priceline, nor have we been paid to write this post – this is purely an informational post to help Aussie girls out when polish shopping! We all love to shop for polishes online – it is usually cheaper, and the anticipation of receiving a package in the mail is half the fun.… Read More »

Indie and boutique polish directory

After reading up on what an indie is, you might be wondering how to get your hands on some. Well, we’re here to help! Today we bring you… The Lacquerheads of Oz Indie and Boutique Polish Directory! This is what (we’re hoping) will become a one-stop-shop for finding out which places ship to you, or alternatively, what to… Read More »

Meet some of our contributors

Australia is very lucky to have a lot of talented nail artists, and we’re very lucky to have them as part of Lacquerheads of Oz! In no particular order, these are some of the ladies whose nail knowledge we have to look forward to: Cathy – More Nail PolishYou can’t look up Aussie brands ulta3, Ozotic or piCture… Read More »